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    The timber information service is a free service to help members of the public with timber issues. This service is also available to Architects, Builders and Landscape designers who need information on timber and its application. If you need more in specific information on your timber related project or problem, then contact the Timber Information Services.

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    Timber Decay

    Timber decay (rot) is caused by a biological attack within the wood by certain species of fungi. The fungus can lie dormant in the timber for years until the right conditions present themselves. Learn how to prevent or stop timber decay and termite attacks

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    Timber Suppliers?

    See our list of timber suppliers that covers Victoria area. Feel free to contact us if you want to be part of the list.

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Timber Uses

The versatility of timber means that it has a broad range of uses in today’s society. Learn more about how timber can be used.

Timber Species

See the list of timber species to help you find the best timber that suits your need.

Timber Decay & Termites Attack

Timber decay and termites often destroy timber. Find out how to prevent and stop timber decay and how to handle termites and borer attack.

Choosing Timber

When choosing timber for a job, then it is important to ensure that a suitable species is selected. There are many things that should be considered. See our checklist to help you make a decision when selecting timber.

Timber Finishes

Learn more about timber finishes, as these are designed to both enhance and protect timber.


See our compiled list of timber merchants, timber finishes and preservatives.